Emblez Longoria: About Trout Fishing Equipment

A corporate security consultant by profession, Emblez Longoria enjoys spending much of his free time outdoors. An avid trout fisherman as well as a backpacker and hiker, he is trusted as an equipment tester and reviewer.

While trout fishing is known as one of the most accessible hobbies of its kind, many beginners experience difficulties caused by poor equipment choices. For example, many anglers choose a line that is too heavy for trout fishing. The preferred are monofilament constructions and weigh no more than four pounds in clear water. The line may weigh up to six pounds if the water is cloudy.

Furthermore, successful trout fishers use hooks that are less obtrusive. Single hooks frequently help the fly look more natural and are more humane. Choosing the best fly is equally important, because the visibility of the fly is altered by the water condition. Unlike the hook, the fly should be easily visible to the fish. Many anglers recommend an orange or yellow fly, particularly if the water is less than clear. In this case, the fly should be at least two inches long, although smaller flies may be more suited to clearer waters.