A Remarkable Feat of Survival Off the Carolina Coast

Louis Jordan pic
Louis Jordan
Image: nbcnews.com

A senior security consultant with Verizon Communications, Emblez Longoria focuses on ensuring that company assets are safeguarded at all times. Passionate about hiking and camping, Emblez Longoria maintains an interest in all aspects of wilderness survival.

One of the most remarkable survival stories of 2015 involved the rescue of Louis Jordan, who set off from Conway, South Carolina, on a routine fishing trip only to capsize at night, amid stormy weather. When he was rescued more than two months later by a German ship, he was still clinging to his upturned vessel, approximately 200 miles off the North Carolina coast.

Mr. Jordan was fortunate in many ways: with his vessel still afloat, he was in a region of the Pacific that receives abundant rain. Collecting rainwater as it fell, he drank about a pint each day. An experienced fisherman, he was able to procure a steady supply of fish. He was also fortunate to be found drifting in relatively warm Gulf Stream-fed waters, a distance out from the colder Carolina coast. Rescuers were surprised to see that Mr. Jordan displayed few signs of malnutrition, sunburn, or dehydration when found.