How to Start a Campfire without Matches and Lighters

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Even the most prepared campers sometimes forget necessities such as matches and lighters. Fortunately, a number of other instruments make starting a campfire simple. One method involves a nine-volt battery and steel wool. Hold the steel wool in one hand, and rub the tips of the battery against it with the other until the wool catches fire.

Aside from rubbing two sticks together, a tinderbox presents the most basic method of starting a fire. A tinderbox should include flint, a small slab of steel, several pieces of cloth, and a snarl of twine. Before using the tinderbox, prepare the fire site with kindling and fuel. The easiest way is to place the cloth over the flint and hold it in one hand, lining up the edge of the cloth with the edge of the flint.

Take up the steel and strike the flint’s edge until sparks appear and catch the edge of the cloth. Carefully remove the cloth, place it in the snarl of twine, and blow until the fire grows. Finish by placing the twine in the fire site.