ASIS Releases New Private Security Auditing Standards

  A summa cum laude graduate of Rosemont College, Emblez Longoria has served as the senior security consultant for the Basking Ridge, New Jersey, offices of Verizon Communications for more than 15 years. Alongside his work, Emblez Longoria maintains membership in related societies such as ASIS International, an organization for security professionals.

In August 2019, ASIS rolled out a new set of standards, “Conformity Assessment and Auditing Management Systems for Quality of Private Security Company Operations.” This protocol is geared primarily toward those who oversee and audit the activity of private security companies, as well as professionals who operate in that space. These security personnel are tasked with protecting clients in many military, diplomatic, and relief operations.

These new standards will mostly be used by oversight groups as a baseline metric to evaluate private security entities. They have been created as a guidepost to ensure that private security companies and professionals are operating within the bounds of the law, acting in accordance with established best practices, and taking steps to ensure that human rights are not violated in the course of their work.

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A Look at ASIS International’s Certification Offerings

Certified Protection Professional pic
Certified Protection Professional

For over 15 years, Emblez Longoria has served as a senior security consultant for Verizon Communications in New Jersey. Over the course of his career, Emblez Longoria has earned several security certifications, including the Physical Security Professional and Certified Protection Professional certifications from ASIS International. He also served on the group’s Professional Certification Board.

Dedicated to advancing security worldwide, ASIS International offers four certification programs for professionals working in the security industry. Earning an ASIS credential validates a professional’s security management expertise and can lead to career advancement and increased earnings.

The Certified Protection Professional (CPP) designation is recognized as the gold standard certification in the security industry. Earning a CPP requires that applicants demonstrate knowledge in all areas of security management. Applicants are also required to have several years of security experience, including a minimum of three years in a leadership role.

ASIS International’s other three designations are the Physical Security Professional (PSP), Professional Certified Investigator (PCI), and Associate Protection Professional (APP) certifications. PSP is for professionals with experience in physical security assessment and application, PCI is for investigators experienced with case management and evidence collection, and APP is designed for early-career security managers.

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An Introduction to the ASIS International PSP Credential

PSP Credential pic
PSP Credential

For over 12 years, Emblez Longoria has served as as a senior security consultant with Verizon Communications in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. Over the course of his career, Emblez Longoria has earned several important industry certifications, including the ASIS International physical security professional (PSP) certification.

Individuals in possession of the internationally recognized ASIS International PSP credential have completed coursework in various areas of physical threat assessment and risk analysis, including work on integrated physical security systems. To qualify for PSP education, security professionals must possess an undergraduate degree and four years of security experience, or a high school diploma or GED combined with six years of work experience.

The PSP exam challenges security professionals to answer more than 100 multiple choice questions spread across three distinct aspects of physical security. Questions take into account basic security knowledge, as well as the ways in which this knowledge can be applied to on-the-job scenarios. Prior to taking the test, security professionals should visit, and review the 60 minute PSP online seminar in order to determine whether the certification is the correct credential for their profession.

ASIS International’s Certified Protection Professional Credential

Certified Protection Professional  pic
Certified Protection Professional

Following a long career with the New Jersey State Police, Emblez Longoria joined Verizon Communications, where he has served as a senior security consultant for over 10 years. An active member of the field, Emblez Longoria holds membership in several organizations and maintains a number of certifications, including the Certified Protection Professional (CPP) credential.

Offered through ASIS International, the CPP designation provides security managers with a way to validate their professional knowledge, experience, and competency. To be eligible for the credential, an individual must have either at least nine years of professional security experience or an undergraduate degree and seven years of related experience. Although one does not have to have managerial or supervisory experience to apply, eligibility guidelines also require that at least three years of the applicant’s career were spent as an authority in charge of a specific security function.

Individuals who meet these requirements can apply to receive approval to take the CPP examination, which consists of 225 multiple-choice questions on a broad range of topics related to security management. Though those who pass the exam receive their CPP designation, recipients must submit qualifying continuing professional education credits every three years in order to maintain the credential.

ASIS International PSP Certification

After retiring from law enforcement, Emblez Longoria joined Verizon Communications as a senior security consultant. He is tasked with safeguarding company assets as well as instilling best practices for improving security measures to reduce loss. Demonstrating his knowledge in risk management and security systems, Emblez Longoria holds a certified protection professional (CPP) certification from ASIS International.

Individuals holding CPP certification dedicate themselves to protecting property, information, and personnel. They have successfully completed the ASIS International examination, which tests comprehension in of all the major security domains. This certification is aimed at individuals seeking competency in security management or for those serving in responsibility in charge rolls. It is one of the most coveted security certifications in the industry.

The examination contains 200 multiple-choice questions as well as 25 questions that have no bearing on a person’s final score. Candidates must register to complete the test at an approved Prometric testing location. At that time, they are given the option to take the exam on a computer or by pencil and paper for a reduced fee.

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