An Introduction to the ASIS International PSP Credential

PSP Credential pic
PSP Credential

For over 12 years, Emblez Longoria has served as as a senior security consultant with Verizon Communications in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. Over the course of his career, Emblez Longoria has earned several important industry certifications, including the ASIS International physical security professional (PSP) certification.

Individuals in possession of the internationally recognized ASIS International PSP credential have completed coursework in various areas of physical threat assessment and risk analysis, including work on integrated physical security systems. To qualify for PSP education, security professionals must possess an undergraduate degree and four years of security experience, or a high school diploma or GED combined with six years of work experience.

The PSP exam challenges security professionals to answer more than 100 multiple choice questions spread across three distinct aspects of physical security. Questions take into account basic security knowledge, as well as the ways in which this knowledge can be applied to on-the-job scenarios. Prior to taking the test, security professionals should visit, and review the 60 minute PSP online seminar in order to determine whether the certification is the correct credential for their profession.

The Certified Protection Professional Program

Certified Protection Professional pic
Certified Protection Professional

Highly trained and experienced in safeguarding corporate assets, Emblez Longoria serves Verizon Communications as a senior security consultant. Emblez Longoria also contributes his expertise to ASIS International, where he has written content for their Certified Protection Professional (CPP) program.

Qualifications for this internationally-recognized credential include nine years of experience in supervisory or independent decision-making roles. Holding a college degree reduces the job-time requirement to seven years. The CPP is considered crucial to finding individuals who are qualified for executive-level positions.

The examination has 200 multiple-choice questions in eight subject areas; an additional 25 non-scored pretest questions may also be added. The test will soon be reorganized into seven domains. Some of the new categories are: security principles and practices, business applications, investigations, personal and physical security, and crisis management.

Holders of the CPP must receive new training in order to stay current. Every three years, they must recertify in subjects ranging from volunteer work and public service to publications and continuing education.

The Executive Protection Institute

The Executive Protection Institute pic
The Executive Protection Institute

Emblez Longoria has years of experience in the field of professional security backed by formal training in specialized schools. One of the schools Emblez Longoria attended is the Executive Protection Institute, where he obtained his PPS (Personal Protection Specialist) certification.

The Executive Protection Institute (EPI) is headquartered in Manhattan, New York, and was founded in 1978 by Dr. Richard W. Kobetz. EPI offers programs that are mostly conducted in Winchester, Virginia. Dr. Richard W. Kobetz developed a training program for protecting private and public executives that is highly respected in the industry.

Since its inception, the institute has trained over a thousand men and women who have protected VIPs all over the world. The institute has also trained military personnel who protect top military commanders. Graduates of the program are currently protecting important leaders in some of the world’s most volatile areas.

Courses to be offered in 2016 include Mindset for Survival, Protection Response Tactics (PRT), and a Weapon Retention course.

A Remarkable Feat of Survival Off the Carolina Coast

Louis Jordan pic
Louis Jordan

A senior security consultant with Verizon Communications, Emblez Longoria focuses on ensuring that company assets are safeguarded at all times. Passionate about hiking and camping, Emblez Longoria maintains an interest in all aspects of wilderness survival.

One of the most remarkable survival stories of 2015 involved the rescue of Louis Jordan, who set off from Conway, South Carolina, on a routine fishing trip only to capsize at night, amid stormy weather. When he was rescued more than two months later by a German ship, he was still clinging to his upturned vessel, approximately 200 miles off the North Carolina coast.

Mr. Jordan was fortunate in many ways: with his vessel still afloat, he was in a region of the Pacific that receives abundant rain. Collecting rainwater as it fell, he drank about a pint each day. An experienced fisherman, he was able to procure a steady supply of fish. He was also fortunate to be found drifting in relatively warm Gulf Stream-fed waters, a distance out from the colder Carolina coast. Rescuers were surprised to see that Mr. Jordan displayed few signs of malnutrition, sunburn, or dehydration when found.

Royal Mint Honors 150 Years of Salvation Army History with New Coin

Royal Mint Honors 150 Years of Salvation Army History with New Coin pic
Royal Mint Honors 150 Years of Salvation Army History with New Coin

A security and law enforcement professional with over 25 years of experience, Emblez Longoria serves as a senior security consultant for Verizon Communications in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. Outside of his professional pursuits, Emblez Longoria works to give back to the community through his support of organizations like The Salvation Army.

In a recent press release, The Salvation Army announced that Great Britain’s Royal Mint is issuing a special commemorative £5 coin in celebration of The Salvation Army’s sesquicentennial anniversary. Designed by Royal Mint designer Laura Clancy, the coin will feature the Army’s well-known shield and laurel wreath logo and will be minted in two metals: cupro-nickel and sterling silver.

Collectors and other interested individuals will soon be able to purchase both forms of the coin on the Royal Mint’s website. The cupro-nickel version will cost £13 and the sterling silver version, which will be released in a limited run of 1,500 coins, will sell for £80. More information about the coin can be found at and

ASIS International’s Certified Protection Professional Credential

Certified Protection Professional  pic
Certified Protection Professional

Following a long career with the New Jersey State Police, Emblez Longoria joined Verizon Communications, where he has served as a senior security consultant for over 10 years. An active member of the field, Emblez Longoria holds membership in several organizations and maintains a number of certifications, including the Certified Protection Professional (CPP) credential.

Offered through ASIS International, the CPP designation provides security managers with a way to validate their professional knowledge, experience, and competency. To be eligible for the credential, an individual must have either at least nine years of professional security experience or an undergraduate degree and seven years of related experience. Although one does not have to have managerial or supervisory experience to apply, eligibility guidelines also require that at least three years of the applicant’s career were spent as an authority in charge of a specific security function.

Individuals who meet these requirements can apply to receive approval to take the CPP examination, which consists of 225 multiple-choice questions on a broad range of topics related to security management. Though those who pass the exam receive their CPP designation, recipients must submit qualifying continuing professional education credits every three years in order to maintain the credential.

Three Tips for Reducing the Potential for Security Breaches

Reducing the Potential for Security Breaches pic
Reducing the Potential for Security Breaches

A Certified Protection Professional (CPP), Emblez Longoria plays a vital role in managing risk as a senior security consultant at Verizon Communications. Emblez Longoria reduces loss by implementing measures that reduce the potential for employee misconduct, acts of sabotage, and security breaches.

Those measures include the following:

1. While experience in the information technology sector is useful, a company should consider establishing relationships with colleges to train the next generation of security experts. Creating internship and training programs for new professionals is an opportunity to groom young employees to handle future responsibilities.

2. In addition to data-loss-prevention technologies, an employer should invest in a system monitoring program that evaluates insider behavior. In doing so, a company can create rules to block content from leaving internal networks.

3. Instead of conducting vulnerability assessments once a quarter, a business should perform them once a week. This alerts management about potential internal and external network breaches, so they can take precautionary measures to reduce the risk sooner.