ASIS International PSP Certification

After retiring from law enforcement, Emblez Longoria joined Verizon Communications as a senior security consultant. He is tasked with safeguarding company assets as well as instilling best practices for improving security measures to reduce loss. Demonstrating his knowledge in risk management and security systems, Emblez Longoria holds a certified protection professional (CPP) certification from ASIS International.

Individuals holding CPP certification dedicate themselves to protecting property, information, and personnel. They have successfully completed the ASIS International examination, which tests comprehension in of all the major security domains. This certification is aimed at individuals seeking competency in security management or for those serving in responsibility in charge rolls. It is one of the most coveted security certifications in the industry.

The examination contains 200 multiple-choice questions as well as 25 questions that have no bearing on a person’s final score. Candidates must register to complete the test at an approved Prometric testing location. At that time, they are given the option to take the exam on a computer or by pencil and paper for a reduced fee.

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Emblez Longoria

A Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and Physical Security Professional (PSP), Emblez Longoria claims more than two decades of experience in the security field. In 1988, Mr. Longoria enlisted with the New Jersey State Police, working his way up to Senior Trooper before retiring in 2003. In this role, Mr. Longoria served as an advanced crash investigator, a crime- and loss-prevention officer, and undercover agent, in addition to handling complex cases. He also was named a Squad Leader, supervising eight other officers. From 2002 to 2008, Emblez Longoria acted as a Certification Board Member, Vice Chairman, and Chairman of the Alexandria, Virginia-based Crime and Loss Prevention Council of ASIS International. While with the council, Mr. Longoria established a number of committees tasked with outlining security guidelines and best practices, among other contributions. In 2004, Mr. Longoria joined Verizon Communications Inc. as a Senior Security Consultant. He now assists with the protection of corporate assets and participates in a number of special security projects. Emblez Longoria graduated summa cum laude from Rosemont College with a Bachelor's degree in Management in 2003 and expects to receive his Master’s degree in Management in December 2011. An outdoorsman, Emblez Longoria enjoys backpacking, hiking, hunting, and fishing in his leisure time. He also frequently tests and reviews outdoor equipment. Mr. Longoria resides in Pennsylvania. Mr. Longoria has supported a number of nonprofit organizations, including The Salvation Army, Goodwill Industries International, Inc., and The Hunger Project.

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